Beer Bottle Player

In December 2000, I quit my job and decided to follow my heart and play music.

I soon ran out of money and was looking for ideas. I had done quite well in previous years busking with a didge in Dublin and the UK. I was living in a crazy share house with about ten others in Glebe Sydney. There were plenty of beer bottles lying around so I decided I'd try tuning them up. 

I learnt a few Christmas tunes. Nervously carted my tuned bottles onto the street and started playing.

17 years later I have made several television and radio appearances. I have appeared as a finalist on Australia's Got Talent. I have had a famous band named after me. I have had over a million YouTube views. I have had Ashton Kutcher tweet about about me and have become generally infamous.

Why the name?

In the early days, when I was still living i that crazy share house, I had a crazy beard. I had three long spikes coming out of each cheek, a spikey goatee and a spiky moustache. My flatmates started calling me Catfish and the name stuck. Once I became a full time beer bottle player I naturally became Catfish the Bottleman.



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