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Gifted characteristics adults airhead

Thanks for a great post, Gail. My son was wrongly "diagnosed" as having O. His IQ was so high that when the Air Force tested it they had to come up with a new test. You do your best, you do what you feel is right. He told me that his five brothers and sisters all grew up to be good teens and responsible adults. I had a life perhaps similar to yours.

4 Ways to Deal With a Gifted Child Who Acts Like a Little Adult

Gifted characteristics adults airhead
Gifted characteristics adults airhead
Gifted characteristics adults airhead
Gifted characteristics adults airhead

Surprised to be gifted: the inner world of unrecognized giftedness | TalentDevelop

I appreciate your perspective. At least our difference is not visible to everyone. We always had a large group of relatives at every event, often to the point where I was embarrassed by them so to me the idea of being neglected was bizarre, but to them it had a very real impact. But she would have had me suspect anybody he spent time around β€” neighbors, coaches, maybe even my husband β€” just because his cognitive struggles happened to match a couple line items on her list of molestation indicators. Free Rrange means that we give our children the trust and know how to do that if they want to.

β€œI Was Raised Free-Range and It Crippled Me”

I do not think I know the best way for them, but I am trying to take what I have learned from my own upbringing and educating myself on different approaches. There is a very distinct line between free-range parenting and neglect. Just being labeled "gifted" can create emotional and social havoc. So what do the gifted need to reach their full potential? First, giftedness in formal education often feeds into tracking.
Warren March 18, at pm. Strakh March 20, at am. No, the child does not suffer from attention deficit disorder or oppositional defiant disorder. To raise 6 kids that are well adjusted, all college educated on their own dimes and employed or retired is probably a job well done. The point is, different children require different things.

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